Jonathan Charles Vaughan

Region: South

The use of hair as a signifier of gender and social identification plays an important role in my drawings. What began as a series of snapshot photographs that recorded the alterations made to the styling and coloring of my hair, has developed into a reflection upon the construction of masculinity and the role that hair plays within it. At the heart of these drawings is not only a playfulness that echoes the relationship I have with my own hair, but the recognition of the pleasure, and perhaps even my own need, to favor the ornament and decoration of both surface and self. The approach taken to my hair and my work champions a form of prettiness not often considered in conjuncture with contemporary male identity. An ideal that is explored in these drawing not only through the presentation of images that recreate the braids, adornment, and fashioning of my hair, but also through the deployment of a sensual and enjoyable use of line and movement.