Rachel K. Bury

Region: West

Website: http://rkbury.com/home.html

City / State: Austin, TX

Through these painterly sculptures, I seek to create an awareness of the in-between space, a space of difference and sameness, of experience, and of passage. I am interested in creating shifts between abstraction and perception, putting a seemingly familiar experience in an invented scape.

Inspired by the alternative realities found in science-fiction film and literature, I work in reverse on clear plastic, layering paint to create abstracted two-dimensional images that I then transform into three-dimensional, structural paintings. By abstracting the picture plane into individual curved “tubes” that are then joined back together to create a volumetric image, I create a model of what could possibly be.

While the structural component creates dimensionality, the onepoint perspective conveys a sense of movement and space. This illusion of space, widely used during the Renaissance, becomes altered through the curve of each tube. By utilizing one pointperspective to create images of corridors, I investigate the transitional experience of moving through that space, traversing it from point A to point B.