MOMA's Immediate Response for Collections

Our blog contributors are always looking out for us, or I guess I should say, you. Ellen C. Caldwell sent us a link to the New York Times website that announces MOMA's intentions to help hurricane Sandy victims conserve flood-damaged artworks. Yesterday the Museum of Modern Art and conservators from the American Institute for Conservation Collections Emergency Response Team offered a presentation on saving flood-damaged artworks. In addition, MOMA posted a document called “Immediate Response for Collections’’ which contains guidelines for salvaging art damaged by flooding. The document "...offers step-by-step procedures about how best to conserve water-damaged art in a variety of media including library and archival materials, as well as suppliers and emergency services."

The guidelines are released now with Sandy victims in mind, but ultimately they can help anyone that is having trouble with water-logged spaces. So bookmark the link if you have a gallery or collection. 

Best wishes to all of those effected by the hurricane.

Download "Immediate Response for Collections" Here. 

Photo By Michael Neff. See more pictures of the Chelsea flooding aftermath on Neff's Flickr.

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